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Productions » Ir-Rewwixta Tal-Patalott

Ir-Rewwixta Tal-Patalott
MITP, Valletta
July 1997

Ir-Rewwixta Tal-Patalott was presented in collaboration with Evenings on Campus in July 1997 at the MITP, Valletta.

It is Theatre Anon’s first production in Maltese, developed from an original text written by Paul Portelli, one of the members of the group.

Ir-Rewwixta Tal-Patalott is about a painter who goes wild and starts painting everyone and everything in sight. The production underlines the need of poetry and the need to dream in our society.

“Yet another stepping stone in this young company’s career…a fine reminder of what theatre can be all about” THE PEOPLE

“Up to Theatre Anon’s high standards with its combination of athleticism, bold body language and crisp dialogue” SUNDAY TIIMES

Continuous movement…continuous energy” TORCA

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