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Theatre Anon would like to network and collaborate with different partners (governmental, non-governmental, institutional and individuals) to embark on a number of outreach and education projects.

Any organization or individual/artist wishing to be involved in any way on one or more of the listed projects, is invited to get in touch. We would also be happy to collaborate on projects that you may wish to share, as long as they are aligned with the objectives of the theatre company or the foundation.

Public or private organisations wishing to sponsor any of the projects are invited to get in touch.

Community Programmes

Theatre Anon has collaborated with ACTive Age Malta on two Community projects:


ACTive Age Malta is an ongoing drama-based project aimed at the physical, social, creative and emotional development and well-being of older adults.
The first project, which was being organised in collaboration with Integra Foundation, was run at the Hamrun and Sliema Day Care Centres. Through theatrical games in group work, participants were encouraged to move and improvise to a set theme or object from the past. The programme culminated in participants preparing memory boxes and sharing them with the rest of the group.

This project of ACTive Age Malta was funded by Premju Tal-President.

ACTive Age – Intergenerational Dialogue

Using Action Research, theatre and movement workshops, the project generates intergenerational dialogue to create a space for mutual learning and inclusion of older adults and young people (including young migrants) in Malta and Gozo. It seeks to promote greater understanding and respect between generations and ethnic communities, hence contributing towards community development and social justice. Inclusive communities are built on giving and receiving resources and learning opportunities throughout the lifespan. The project is funded by the Fund for Voluntary Organisations, Malta Community Chest Fund (MCCF)

For more information, visit

Proposals for Theatre Projects

Fine Arts Museum Project – Bringing the dead to life

Performers will breath life and bring fun into the Museum using games, costumes, props, printed/audio visual material to enhance the learning experience for visiting groups of children.

Collaboration is sought with cultural organisations, performers, writers, historians, artists

Story Weaving

Through this project we will work mainly in inner harbour areas to address illiteracy and improve self esteem through story building.

Collaboration is sought with educational institutions, local councils, charity organisations, theatre makers, authors, artists

Aerial Dance

This project will bring together able-bodied and disabled performers and artists using bungee, cord, tissue and trampoline to challenge and transcend barriers and limitations imposed by mistaken perceptions of disability.

Collaboration is sought with relevant NGOs, dancers and disabled performers

Carnival on the Sea

Artists, local communities and groups will work together to create crazy floats (which might not even stay afloat) in a spirit of fun.

Collaboration is sought with Local councils, local Youth/special interest groups, artists, carnival float builders.



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