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Productions » Immaculate

Immaculate, a comedy by Oliver Lansley.  As irreverently funny as it is genuinely thought-provoking.

Mia is young, free and single and hasn’t had sex for a year.  One morning, she wakes up pregnant and …… the Angel Gabriel is on her doorstep claiming parentage. This is the situation Immaculate‘s heroine finds herself in, which is unexpected to say the least… To make matters worse her highly-strung boyfriend Michael turns up, blind with panic, convinced that the child is his, closely followed by Lucifer, the Prince of Darkness, who is adamant the unborn baby belongs to him!

 Immaculate is an irreverent comedy that deals with religion, relationships and responsibilities.  Despite its rather controversial plotline, through its laugh-out-loud humour and completely absurd situation, it asks pointed questions about our beliefs in this mad, mad world.

 Immaculate was directed for Theatre Anon by Polly March and featured Stefan Cachia Zammit as Michael, Charlotte Grech as Mia, Alan Montanaro as Gary Goodman, Denise Mulholland as Mia’s best friend Rebecca, Alan Paris as Lucifer and Paul Portelli as Gabriel.

Performances were held at St James Cavalier.

Remarks by Andre’ Delicata for Times of Malta:

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