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Dik is-Siġra f’Nofs Ta’ Triq

Penned by the author and poet Immanuel Mifsud, “Dik is-Siġra f’Nofs ta’ Triq” (That Tree in the Middle of the Road) is a promenade performance that tells the story of one particular street where everybody knows everybody, and everybody knows everything, or not quite everything, but almost. The pressures and false promises of progress are weighing heavily on the community and the majestic tree that crowns the middle of this long and winding road. An old tree which rumour has it, was there much before the road itself. Has the tree become an inconvenience? We fret so. Or so we hear.

Mifsud taps into this age-old story of tension between past and present, giving us a story which is both real and metaphorical, brimming with magical realism. Filled with fantastical characters and a cast of over 20 performers, this show is a rollercoaster of emotions promising magical visuals, acrobatics and memorable songs with music written by Albert Garzia and performed live.

With 90% recycled sets and costumes, this is an environmentally conscious performance. “Dik is-Siġra f’Nofs Ta’ Triq” premiered on 16 July 2023 at the MCAST Campus in Paola; the production was commissioned by Teatru Malta for the Malta International Arts Festival and supported by MCAST and Arts Council Malta.

Cast: Marjann Attard, Matthias Camilleri, Jamie Cardona, Daniela Carabott Pawley, Douglas Comley, Nadine Farrugia, Charlotte Formosa, Justin Galea, Charlotte Grech, Eva Mallia Consiglio, Nicole Mangion, Sandra Mifsud, Liliana Portelli, Paul Portelli, Pierre Stafrace, Sarah Vella

Co-directors: Chris Gatt, Paul Portelli

Musicians: Tatjana Chircop, Albert Garzia, Raquel Sammut

Set: Jennings Falzon

“Dik is-Siġra f’Nofs ta’ Triq: Magical” Ramona Depares. Full article:

“The play, full of magic and mischief, served to draw our eyes to the lies we tell ourselves about what we value and how little we are prepared to do to safeguard what is right.” Lara Zammit. Full review:

Photos by: Eliza von Brockdorff

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