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Productions » Lunch & Harry’s Christmas

Two pieces by Steven Berkoff
MITP, Valletta
January 1995

Lunch, written in 1966, confronts the perfectly foolish futility of insular loneliness; a couple enjoy a chance meeting, but never relinquish their pathetic ‘ideals’. As a result, they cannot communicate at any level other than sex and small talk.

Harry’s Christmas was written in 1982. It is profoundly sad. This one handler is particularly revealing of Berkoff’s own deeply felt lonely times and the way they made him aware of his self-obsession and insecurities.

“Theatre Anon have done it again. Well done, indeed.” TIMES

“(Theatre Anon) have a lot to contribute to the local theatre scene….excellent rendition of the pieces” ORIZZONT

“With this production, Theatre Anon confirm their identity – after Candide – of an interesting theatre group which offers very different productions from those seen in other theatres.” TORCA

“Once more, we are indebted to Theatre Anon, a small but energetic and adventurous group, for a production that is both intelligent and gripping.” TIMES

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